Marietas Islands

5.9 miles

The Marieta Islands are a group of small uninhabited islands a few miles off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico. If you are standing on our balcony, look just to the left of the tip of Punta Mita and you’ll see the outline of the islands.  They are a very popular tourist destination because of the abundant marine life populations due to the islands being protected from fishing and hunting by the Mexican government. Keep in mind that the rules changed in 2018 about how many visitors can actual visit hidden beach, so make sure you have the latest information before booking.

One company that we’ve tried is Chica Locca Tours.  They offer cruises to the islands that include snorkeling, kayaking, and water slides as well as food, drinks, and live entertainment for a reasonable price.  Visit their website for more info.  Tours leave from the La Cruz Marina.

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